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Australian Shepherd In ActionAussies are loyal family dogs but will an Australian Shepherd protect his owner The actions of the intruder will also likely matter. On a ranch, in Western Nebraska, 35 years ago, my Australian Shepherd, while I was at school, would go out with my Dad, he would tell him to "get 'em in" and the dog would take off, run out in the pasture, and bring over a hundred yearlings in to the corral every day and travel at least a mile. Australian Shepherd Jumping Photos and Premium High Res. and a flurry of excitement over spotted pups in the wake of the 1996 live-action remake of. Then, we’ll look at the top 20 effective training. You need to do this task regularly. Common Australian Shepherd Health Issues Hypothyroidism The thyroid gland is essential to a dog's health and is found near the trachea and has two lobes. Toy Aussie Mom Shirt, Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd Gift for Her, Aussie Mum TShirt, Dog Mama Toy Aussie Shepherd Tee Mother's Day Gift. australian shepherd catching plastic disc in midair - australian. Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, which means they thrive on high-energy activities. Australian Shepherd dog who does household. Cows would have a hard time kicking a horse in the face because horses don’t take shit from anybody. : · Australian Shepherd Dogs 101: Everything You Need To Know - Is It the Right Dog for You? · Working Dogs - Farm To Fork Wyoming · Training an . Let's get our Aussies together for play dates, hikes, swims, agility, walks and runs and some sheep herding! Let's also support Aussie rescue activities. So, you’ll need to enjoy walking or jogging and be prepared to devote a couple of hours every day to exercising your Aussie. Mini Australian Shepherd: What To Know Before Buying. It is a relatively rare mix and is typically only available from specialty breeders. If he doesn’t have a chance, he will get very upset and will start to do this inside your home! Due to that, never forget to go out with him. You cannot run without being “herded” in the correct direction when you own an Aussie. The Australian shepherd is a lively, action-loving dog that excels in most canine sports, notably agility and flyball. Sorensen’s Gunsmoke (photo above) was born in 1964 and then registered with ASCA in the Inaugural Stud Book. Australian Shepherds are known for their athletic abilities. Our kennel is one of the first registered kennel names in Colorado. If you're new to Aussies, watch this video that introduces herding and shows you their skills in action. This page contains affiliate links. They crave that type of companionship with their favorite person. According to our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish while the Fear & Greed Index is showing Neutral. COURTESY POST! Sparky is a 21-month-old miniAustralian Shepherd. Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. Another article in the Library by her is The History of the Australian Shepherd in the Northwest) The purebred Australian Shepherd is truly a unique and distincitve breed. About Australian Shepherds Furever - Bristol, VT Chapter. They are emotionally smart dogs, so when discipline is necessary, clear, consistent actions are key. In fact, they’re some of the best herders in the world! They herd by nipping at the heels of the animal and you’ll often notice these instincts in the home. Get In Touch 312 Vraj Venu Complex, Gotri, Vadodara 390023, Gujarat, INDIA [email protected] The merle color is caused by the action of a single dominant gene. Australian Shepherds are also popular with the designer dog crowd, being bred recently with the Labrador to create the Aussiedor breed. Ebook in PDF Format for easy download. Meet the Australian Shepherd pumpkin. , Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area. Unlike the other Shepherd breeds, Australian Shepherds were not named after where they originated!. Download and use 700+ Australian Shepherd stock photos for free. Australian Shepherds were first bred in Western America. Whatever bad behavior your shepherd has, whether it’s barking at night or other bad behaviors, using the right training program is the key to having an obedient and happy pup. Proud Breeders of Champion Australian Shepherds Since 1989. Say Hello to the Australian Shepherd, these dogs are smart dogs. This ebook is a must-have resource for Australian Shepherd owners who want to know how to deal with problem behaviors, train their Aussies before problems develop and learn more about how to care for the most aussome dog in the world! Only $17 –. Australian Shepherds are demanding of time and attention and want to be with you constantly. Sonja Galley’s Australian shepherd, Bindi, is far more than a faithful companion and most trusted friend. Welcome to Sliding S Aussies, home to Ken and Susan Severns, Caldwell, Idaho. Australian Shepherd · Hagerstown, MD. Australian Shepherds are smart and sensitive beings. australian shepherd dog catching flying disk mid-air, low angle view - australian shepherd jumping stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. Of course, an Australian Shepherd behaving like this is not what you want. Colorado Kennels is a Hall of Fame ASCA and AKC kennel for Australian Shepherds. Dogs - Braddock, ND $1,200 mark more than 5 weeks ago Standard Australian Shepherd puppies. It’s All About Socialization Image Credit: Altrendo Images, Shutterstock. Fortunately, this guide can help. As a member of the herding group, the Australian Shepherd is easily trainable and likes to be part of the action. Australian Shepherd Origin and History. An Australian shepherd in action. Despite his name, the Australian Shepherd (often called Aussie) is not at all an Australian dog! These dogs were originally developed in the USA to herd livestock. I have stopped all puppy visits prior to pick up as a disease control measure as I had a sick litter from someone innocently tracking. Australians Shepherds require a lot of exercise to be happy. Many factors can play into an Australian Shepherd’s weight. Your pup will frequently display restlessness before biting. Australian shepherd Basic Command. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features . She sees the Frisbee come out and she barks with excitement. Start building bonds with your dog more to better understand their temperament. Dogs that can learn from previous mistakes have high adaptive intelligence. Training them is easy, though they can be stubborn. Now let’s look at the best way to train this breed. ASDR registered Australian Shepherd puppies. My Australian Shepherd is from a versatility line and he’s great normally. It's the sort of behavior that you want your young dog to stop. The Australian Shepherd is one of a few dog breeds that commonly have two different colored eyes, called heterochromia. It’s also extremely beneficial to get them to respond to commands, both for their safety and the safety of others. 1 Australian Shepherds are Barkers! Australian shepherds love to bark! Finally, before running out and buying an Australian Shepherd, you should know that they tend to bark a lot, which isn’t always conducive to small spaces or shared living areas, such as apartments or condominiums. Well known for their rodeo skills, bravery, and intelligence, the Australian Shepherd entered the American Kennel Club Herding Group in 1993. Mini grey and white Aussie with blue eyes. Doesn’t matter what sport or activity, Morty loves to join. He is fully house trained and crate trained. Spencersmountain Australian Shepherds. The ALL NEW Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate Grooming and shedding brush for medium to large-sized dogs and horses. restricted temperament still demand a huge amount of action and activity. Collie Eye Anomaly In Australian Shepherds. Australian Shepherd mixes may be available in shelters and rescues. They are bred to work alongside human owners, a relationship that is still active up to this day. We are proud of our 30+ years of work producing top quality Australian Shepherds for show, performance and companions. Reasons Why Australian Shepherds Are Smart So far, we've only discussed obedience and working intelligence. Learn more about the Australian Shepherd breed and find out if this Dog is the right fit for your home at Petfinder!. If they don't respond right away, give them a gentle tug on the leash to redirect their attention to you. Australian Shepherds are known for wanting a deep bond and relationship with their owners. He is really more than just a dog for his owner. This breed is NOT recommended for apartment living. The idea of punishing your Aussie puppy makes no more sense than the idea of punishing an infant child. Now let's look at the best way to train this breed. Meet Bayonetta an adorable 14-week-old Aussie/German Shepard. —manifesting destructive behavior in general. In that period of time, we have seen a distinct kind of Aussie emerge from the early foundation ranch dogs with the original sprinting structure. One of Jane's favorite past times is catching a Frisbee. See more ideas about australian shepherd, . Download this Australian Shepherd In Action photo now. In spring 2020, while tending cows at her family’s central New York farm, Galley was knocked to the ground and trapped by an over-aggressive heifer when Bindi sprang into action and drove the animal away. located in Woodcrest California, which is a rural area of Riverside County. They do really well with experienced owners in active households where there is always something . Little was know about Aussie CEA in the 1980s. Australian Shepherds of the DMV (Alexandria, VA). He works close to the stock in an upright position controlling his stock by gaining authority with confidence readily backed up by grip. There is no known breed by this name. Structure in Action: The Makings of a durable dog by Wendy E. Repeat this same series of actions every time your Australian Shepherd nips at . Specializing in a" smaller size variety" of Australian Shepherds. Kennel "Mystic Highlands" in ActionJuni 2015www. A German Australian Shepherd is a mix between the German Shepherd breed and the Australian Shepherd breed. australian shepherd dog in action, lecco, lombardy, italy - australian shepherd running stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Generally, Australian Shepherds get agitated due to lack of activity. Know your Australian Shepherd dog and understand their temperament, personality traits, . These are Twin Oakes bred on the mom's side. The sheep industry continued to decline and Basque herders were no longer recruited from Spain, but the breed’s underpinning was laid. Adopt Bayonetta $600 a Australian Shepherd / German Shepherd Dog / Mixed dog in. Australian Shepherds are loyal, herding, guarding, working dogs. Being an Australian Shepherd, he needs to put his energy into action. Keep the baby child notion in the back of your head as your puppy. Thinking that the Australian Shepherd is the perfect canine If you notice that he is herding inside the home, you need to take action. The chart is divided into “candles” that give us information about Australian Safe Shepherd’s price action in 1-hour chunks. The Australian Shepherd is a “hands on” type of worker who wants to be part of the action. They’re physically and mentally agile, responsive, hardy, and devoted. In addition to raising, training and trialing Australian Shepherd stockdogs we . Australian Shepherds shed twice a year, for six months at a time. When something is happening, they take action. To determine if an Australian Shepherd is too skinny or not, one must look at all these factors together and possibly consult their veterinarian. The Australian Shepherd requires much physical and mental exercise daily in order to remain happy and healthy. Australian Shepherds, known as the cowboy's herding dog, are an active breed who enjoy mentally and physically challenging tasks. Dolls & Action Figures Australian Shepherd Garden Art or Metal Wall Art, Personalized Gift, Dog Pet Memorial, Aussie, Dog Sign, Pet Grave Markers, Lawn Ornament. Aufnahmegerät: iPhone 6 PlusModus: Slo-Mo, 1280 x 720 @240 FPSVideoschnitt : Sony Vegas Pro 13 ***** by Roman Diesel *****. note: Elsie Cotton was an early and influential member of ASCA. The Miniature Australian Shepherd. It's All About Socialization Image Credit: Altrendo Images, Shutterstock. It's as easy as Komb, Retract & Klean. Australian Shepherd History: Behind the Breed. View top-quality stock photos of Australian Shepherd In Dog Agility Action. In 2001, during our annual visit to the “Cavalli Exhibition” we saw an Australian Shepherd in action and we were stricken by its capacity to work with horses, always following his master while being surrounded by hundreds of people and other animals. Brain training your Aussie is a super effective way to increase your dog’s ability to pay attention to you! There are a lot of specific “ Brain Games ” games in the course we experimented with that were designed to improve your dog’s. Recognized Aussie colors are solid black, solid red (liver), blue merle, and red/liver merle; each of these colors may also have copper (tan) points or. They require a long daily walk or jog, along with mental activity and a job to do. Adopt Sparky a Australian Shepherd. Check out this Aussie in action: The Australian Shepherd’s Adaptive Intelligence The final dimension of dog intelligence is adaptive intelligence. Will An Australian Shepherd Protect You?. In this video you will see want australain shepherd are able to do. They are special because of their smart and loveable nature, their great companionship, wonderful eyes, dazzling coif, and last but not least, their beautifully mottled coat. The 8 Best Toys For Australian Shepherds. Instead of punishing unwanted behavior, this type of training motivates the dog to complete desired behavior by giving it praise or rewards when it does what you want it to do. Aussies might have any combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber, or green eyes. However, there has been a dog owner whose pets didn’t go into their heat cycle until they were 14 months or even 15 months old. 10 Things You Should Know Before Owning an Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherd Morty loves action in every form. Bleu Wynter Australian Shepherds. Of course, they may prefer to just sit on your lap!. Australian Shepherds are intelligent, lively, and friendly dogs, but can be considered a little large to be a household pet. Their primary use was as herding dogs for cattle. There's no need to worry about the time when your Aussie might go into its dog heat cycle. Blue Spice, foundation female of the Flintridge line of Australian Shepherds, alone and with two offspring by Harper's Old Smokey, Salt and Chili. Australian Shepherd information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Aussies and dog breed mixes. This is just a smidgen of information that touches on the complex Australian Shepherd. 2022 WASCUNY EVENTS February 26 & 27 - ASCA AGILITY TRIAL - High Goal Farm, Greenwich, NY March 26 & 27 - ASCA OBEDIENCE and RALLY-Working Dogs NY, Amsterdam, NY. We are going to outline the differences between Mini Aussies and Standard Aussie pups. If black Australian Shepherds were in demand, there would be more of them as breeders would seek to fill a gap in the market. Colorado Australian Shepherds – Hall of Fame kennel. They can weigh from 30 to 65 pounds (14 to 29 kg) and stand from 17 to 26 inches (43 to 66 cm) in height. In response, the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) was founded. Australian Shepherd · Milwaukee, WI. Training Your Australian Shepherd If you haven’t trained your Australian shepherd properly, then this is the perfect time to start. He is versatile and easily trained, performing his assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm. How To Stop an Australian Shepherd Puppy From Biting – Active. But, a bored and lonely Aussie of any size can be quite destructive in the home! Socialization and Natural Instincts Any Australian Shepherd may be wary of strangers. The Australian Shepherd is a breed built for action. Be firm and use hand signals for the basics like sit, stay and. Australian Shepherds For Sale Near Me. Start with basic commands, using clear, concise words and always the same words for each action. How To Cut Australian Shepherd Hair?. Get the pet insurance all the Aussies are wagging about. Australian Shepherd Haltung, Charakter, Erziehung. Your australian shepherds heat cycle might be early, normal, or late. However, there's so much more to dog IQ than just this, according to Stanley Coren. They believe a good dog has to have sound health and a cheerful mind which only stems from the truest and purest moderations. They had to work with ranchers on their farms and would tirelessly perform their daily tasks. The Ultimate Grooming and DeShedding Tool For Australian Shepherds Say goodbye to all that fur! The ALL NEW Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate Grooming and shedding brush for medium to large-sized dogs and horses. However, there has been a dog owner whose pets didn't go into their heat cycle until they were 14 months or even 15 months old. BEFORE they do, give your pup the command to 'come'. In July of 2012, ASF initiated as a Facebook page hoping to have 1,000 user "likes" by the end. It refers to the dog’s ability to learn for itself and solve problems. It is a sign that they want to put their energy into action. Australian Shepherd Physical Appearance. Brain Training Your Australian Shepherd. Common Australian Shepherd Health Issues. In general the mini Australian Shepherd is likely to be easily trained, loyal to its owners, and aims to please. Bayonetta is a confident playful girl who loves to be in charge. Dog, Miniature Australian Shepherd. Playing, Jumping, Running Australian Shepherd pictures for dog lovers. He is an exceptional companion. Age, diet, exercise, stress level, and lifestyle all play a part in their health. Australian Shepherds, or 'Aussies', are lively and clever dogs. Information and facts about Australian Shepherd dog or puppy. Dogs 101 Australian Shepherd. These toys require your dog to perform a series of actions to reveal a . registered Australian Shepherds for over 30 years. A little over 30 years ago, ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) adopted the current breed standard. Is My Australian Shepherd Too Skinny?. The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent and hard-working dog with strong guarding and herding instincts. Last Action Hero FCI kennel - Australian shepherd. If your Aussie is out of control, it might need new activities to unleash the excess energy. Australian Shepherd In Dog Agility Action High. The Australian Shepherd is traditionally a medium-sized breed of solid build. Therefore he first helps to get the cover of the trampoline to join his owner jumping and playing. Australian Shepherds were bred for herding small cattle, goats and sheep. In July of 2012, ASF initiated as a Facebook page hoping to have 1,000 user "likes" by the. These pirates have established a web site stating that the "Royal Basque Shepherd" was formerly known as the miniature Australian Shepherd. As smart as Australian Shepherds are, they need to be properly disciplined. For this reason, they were bred to be extremely active and strong with a high work drive and discipline. Your Australian Shepherd will bite when you are standing still as well as when you are in motion. Action-Hund: Der Australian Shepherd ist aufgeweckt und lebhaft – langweilig wird es mit ihm nie! Soziale Ader: Der Australian Shepherd ist sehr sozial und . The Australian Shepherd, a lean, tough ranch dog, is one of those "only in America" stories: a European breed perfected in California by way of Australia. A well-exercised, well-disciplined Aussie is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. showing and breeding (ASCA) Australian Shepherd Club of America and (AKC) American Kennel Club. However, this behavior is extremely unfavorable. Aussies have been in our Sorensen family since 1929. Der Ruf des Australian Shepherds eilt ihm oft voraus. Australian Shepherd Working Vs. But what commands do you start with? In this article, we’ll look at why it’s important to train your Aussie commands. Australian Shepherd History: Behind the Breed – American. According to our current Australian Safe Shepherd price prediction, the value of Australian Safe Shepherd will rise by 2. Mini Australian shepherds, also known as mini American shepherds, are the dog breed of the moment. Meet this athletic and affectionate breed!. Wait until your dog is about to perform the action you want to teach him and then say the command; once he has done it, remember to reward him with a snack. They like to be right beside their people, in the middle of it all. The Australian Shepherd is used to herd sheep and cattle alongside the tough cowboys that created them, however, this cowboy’s comrade is also a popular family dog and has been ranked as the 17th most popular. Dogs - Braddock, ND $1,200 Barb 2 weeks ago 3 Photos Mini Aussie ( Mini Australian Shepherd). Our dogs do everything from conformation showing, to agility, to dock diving. Other times, this medium-sized dog breed will curl up in your lap or lean against your leg. Australian shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs. Just like humans, Aussie’s brains need to be kept active. CEA is not the most serious eye disease in our breed or the most common, but it does require breeder awareness and, when diagnosed, a plan of action. Spencersmountain Australian Shepherds. About Australian Shepherds Furever - Westminster, MD Chapter. An Australian Shepherd is not a dog, it is actually the horse seen in the video. Sheep's Kin Austrailian Shepherd Dogs. Although Australian Shepherds are hardworking too, they need to be assigned to a "job" while being mentally stimulated. Located in the mesmerizing Finger Lakes region in New York, Watermark Australian Shepherd breeders always strive for producing a healthy and sporty next generation of this particular breed. Your puppy will chew at furniture, drapes, etc. Their high intelligence level is what makes them paw-sitively amazing at their job; herding livestock!. Australian shepherds require a lot of mental stimulation, so use your creativity to devise ways you can engage his mind as well as his body throughout the day. Most of your guests won't like to be jumped on, and it's widely seen as impolite. Australian shepherds thrive with reward-based training, also called positive-reinforcement training, that promotes good behavior. Australian Shepherds are also known as Aussies. So what type of training benefits the Australian Shepherd - read on Your dog will start to associate the action with the verbal cue and . Now if you're a couch potato this dog breed might not be the one for you. Position on the "Royal Basque Shepherd" During the recent past, an attempt has been made to pirate the miniature variety of Australian Shepherd. Wallace DVM, Erin Rouse and Pat Hastings; The Total Australian Shepherd by Carol Ann Hartnagle and Ernie Hartnagle; Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis by Curtis M. THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD By Mrs. Farm dogs get killed in action a lot, it's a dangerous job. These dogs bark to communicate, but for many Aussie owners. But generally, the female Australian Shepherd can go into heat from 6 to 12 months. Australian Shepherd, a very special breed of dog which has a complicated story of inheritance. In fact, this is the breed that people envision when they think about dogs herding sheep. Our child, Rebecca, at the time. Tell your pup they are a good dog for chewing on the toy or bone. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images. Never breed two merle Aussies together. Australian Shepherds are notoriously excitable. You always need to let your Australian shepherd know that you are the Alpha leader of the pack and the member in charge. Aug 17, 2018 - Aussie in Action. I see you stumbled upon a common misconception. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexels. In the mid-1980s Australian Shepherd breeders became aware that Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) was a factor in the breed. We are interested in Australian Shepherds and their activities. In the clip, Secret, the Australian Shepherd, mops, sweeps and does the laundry. SHEEP'S KIN AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. Fixtures on the rodeo circuit, they. Australian Shepherd History: Behind the Breed. 5 million sheep in the United States. Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Info: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More. small home breeders of Australian shepherds. Sadie, the Australian Shepherd. Whilst they were originally bred for farm work they are now kept as active companions for families all over the States. Contrary to the name, Australian shepherds—affectionately called Aussies—were bred as herding and working dogs on the American Frontier. March 12, 2021 · Puppies 🐶 in action!! Related Videos. Nancy Gonzalez, founder and CEO, created Australian Shepherds Furever (ASF), a non-profit organization to promote the educated adoption and rescue of the Australian Shepherd (Aussie) dog breed. The theory is that Australian Shepherds were brought to America by the immigrants who came there and brought sheep. If you're always angry or aggressive around them, they can start acting aggressively as a defense mechanism around you. Brown; An Eye for a Dog Illustrated Guide to Judging by Robert W. Browse 150 australian shepherd jumping stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. How to Train Your Australian Shepherd: 8 Easy Tips. He is reserved with strangers but does not exhibit shyness. Exercise patience Your Aussie is a smart dog who is highly attuned to his environment, especially the tone of voice and body language of his favorite human. As such, understanding its personality, activity level, and potential health issues can be tricky. Some Australian Shepherds are dominant with other dogs and will chase cats, while others are good-natured with. Teaching your dog "down" can help avoid this social faux pas and keep your guests comfortable. 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander, keeping your pets coat silky smooth. Be Extra Vigilant of the Male Dogs. Top Activities For Australian Shepherds. If he doesn't have a chance, he will get very upset and will start to do this inside your home! Due to that, never forget to go out with him. Whats App Us / Call Us Now :+61 8 8121 8042. There is timidity in some lines, and early socialization is important to avoid shyness or sharpness. The mini Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, active and hard working dog. Pent-up energy is likely the reason for misbehavior. See also: Australian Shepherd History Revisited. They offer all the lively energy of an Australian Shepherd in a tiny package. To avoid confusion, when you see the term black Australian Shepherd, it may well refer to black-tricolor, bicolor (black and white), black and tan, or solid black dogs! Black Tri Australian Shepherd. Constant nervous pacing takes place before he bites. On a normal day, you Australian Shepherds like to run around and play fetch outside. australian shepherd events in New York. He is 18 lbs, neutered, up to date on all shots and heartworm, and has graduated from basic obedience. Mini Australian Shepherd For Sale / Standard Australian Shepherds For Sale, Which Is Best Although this decision is personal, for those who do not know much about Australian shepherds. They are polite to aloof with strangers. Each candlestick will display ASS’s opening price, closing price, as well as the highest and lowest prices that Australian Safe Shepherd reached within the 1-hour period. Your Aussie may like to jump on people, eager to get their attention. They can easily pick up their owner's mood and act upon it. Dogs with two copies of the gene . Australian Shepherd structure. To stop Australian Shepherd puppies from biting, you need to determine whether their action . This is a group made up of Australian Shepherd owners (and their dogs) from the Washington, D. A video of a dog doing the housework has been uploaded to Facebook, where it has received 8. Training Australian Shepherds should always start with socialization. Blue Spice, foundation female of the Flintridge line of Australian Shepherds, alone and with two offspring by Harper's Old Smokey, Salt and . Real working, intelligent stock dogs. Bayonetta loves to be in all the action with her siblings and is always ready to play. Mini Australian shepherds, also known as mini American shepherds, of the 1996 live-action remake of 101 Dalmatians (and its 2000 sequel, . These dogs’ true origin is quite a mystery. The hardy and active Australian Shepherd, known for their quick wits and high activity levels, are also prone to some health issues that are endemic to the breed. Additionally, they are also high-energy dogs which means they want to be in the center of all the action. Top 8 Easy Ways How to Train an Australian Shepherd 1. The Australian Shepherd is a small to medium sized dog that has a cheerful, hard working, and affectionate personality. In the OP's video the shepherd was the one holding the camera. They want action all the time but they will reward . Summertime is a Southern California breeder of Australian Shepherds.